• Nature. Credits: @vkm's_photography

    Adieu 2018!

    Its time to step into another year with full of new goals and refreshing energy!

  • Love

    She fell in love and may have gotten​ her heart broken again. But this time it was her fault. Not because she made all the wrong choices but because she met the love of her life — only way too late. She has been in love before, but not like this. Never like this. She asked herself, “Is this how love feels like? Because if it is, then this is my first love. This unconditional love will stay with me always. A part of me will always feel this. I will keep falling in love everytime I see him. But this time it won’t hurt as much as it did the first…

  • The night sky

    I like staring into the night sky. Alone. It gives me peace. Because, when I sit there and look into the sky, I don’t just see the sky. I see beyond that. I see our neighboring, distant planets. I see our neighboring galaxies. I see distant stars that are born and dying every second. I see a wholesome Universe. And when you compare it to the land you live in, everything seems so small. So tiny. So pointless. I realize — every time — that our teensy problems just don’t seem to matter anymore. Because we are nothing when compared to what is out there. It just doesn’t matter. So whatever your problem is,…

  • Word

    I sit here staring at the dark sky; I cannot stop but ponder about life. So many questions; Oh! Where shall I start? Then again, I have no answers for the lot. Nevertheless, I repeat to myself, “Live with no regrets”; For Life is short for too many questions; Heed or not, it’s just a suggestion. ****** Sometimes staring at a blank screen and looking out the windows, opens ideas and talents you never thought you had. — Baby poet (Me!)