About this page

Brief of why I started this blog:

Everyone has a small reason when they start doing something new along with their daily life.  Here is mine.

I get easily motivated and I always trust my feelings and act on it. It almost always lead me to the right thing. One such thing is my interest and love for space. If I didn’t love what I do for my living right now, I would definitely do something related to astronomy. Anything! That being said, I love writing.

It was January 2017, the time to make resolutions and for the first time in my life I wanted to make a good resolution and keep following it. Hence the blog. However, as they say people won’t keep their resolution, it happened to me too. I stopped after couple of posts and resumed it around April/May during a difficult period in my life. That’s when I realized how much I loved writing and sharing my thoughts. And here I am, started off with a small blog in blogspot to a fancy blog with my own domain.

So, read around and leave you comments and follow my blog for interesting/weird facts about space, life and much more!


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