India’s mission to the lunar surface

India is on it's way to the moon for the second time but this time, its a step closer than before.


Random Q&A

As I  mentioned in my Astronomy Q&A intro, it is to happen twice in a month and the questions are picked from Quora by me.. One week about Astronomy and another week about Life Advises/Interesting Facts. Beginning of this month I did have an Astronomy Q&A and there is another set of Q&A. So here... Continue Reading →

“If you die, I die.” says Earth

Picture Courtesy: The love story that began million years ago seems to be perishing slowly - heartbreaking isn't it. Yes, I am talking about the moon. We may not be alive to see that (or maybe we will be on Mars 😉 ) but how do you feel about that, happy or sad -... Continue Reading →

If only Birds can talk!

Birds were once used as a medium of communication, I guess it's time to use them for weather forecasting. Wondering why? Keep reading. A not-so-recent study of birds migrating from one place to another has caught scientist’s and researcher’s attention as to wonder “why” they do it and “how”?Why? - there are so many reasons... Continue Reading →

Looking Back A Year In My Life

One year back, the life I had is completely different from what I have now; in a good way. I was responsible for this change and I am proud of it. This is how I knew:Around January last year, I started writing daily journals at the end of each day hoping I would get past... Continue Reading →

Bonjour! It’s good to be back…

Hey readers! I know it has been a really long time(that’s more than really long, wow) from writing, apologies.. Had to handle few things. Anyways, here I am.. Back! Though I was away from my blog, I have not stopped thinking of what I would write when I get the time. Because writing isn't it... Continue Reading →

Are we Aliens on Earth?

Okay.. Like promised here is an interesting one. We have all read articles about life on mars or life anywhere else in the universe, so many amazing stuffs... Among them, there is a recent theory that scientists are working on or trying to consider the possibility that life on Earth could have come from Mars!... Continue Reading →

Pain only makes you stronger!

It might seem I am talking or picking topics which has more negative note, I promise my next post will be an interesting one. Bear with me... Pain. Emotional pain. It is inevitable. I have seen, experienced so much, every ounce of it has made me who I am right now. Come on, who hasn't... Continue Reading →

Life Lesson

"People change" is a load of crap (apologies for using such words - present/future). It's true, you know. People never change. I'm talking about the ones where you expect and think "Haa, that must have made them realize they were wrong and they won't repeat it again" type scenarios. Trust me, it never happens. Because... Continue Reading →

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