If only Birds can talk!

Birds were once used as a medium of communication, I guess it’s time to use them for weather forecasting. Wondering why? Keep reading.
A not-so-recent study of birds migrating from one place to another has caught scientist’s and researcher’s attention as to wonder “why” they do it and “how”?
Why? – there are so many reasons why birds migrate; for meal, family, predators and out of which, climatic change is one of them. They even alter their routes if they sense any climatic change or natural disaster whilst migrating. (Hmmmm, maybe we should have bird monitoring device to keep us on our toes)
How? – Well, that’s the nature’s creation, isn’t it. Bird’s senses are astonishing and interesting to know/read – universe is filled with so many baffling things and this one is among them. So how do they do it? Its simple – it is science – something called “infrasound waves”. It is a low frequency sound that is below the audible range of humans – below 20 hertz. Natural events like volcanic disruption, winds blowing, ocean waves create infrasound that birds can sense even when they are even a thousand miles away. This is what scientist call as bird’s cognitive abilities/its sixth sense – the fact that they can hear sounds that humans cannot.
Oh and it’s not just the birds that have these senses of natural climatic changes, even some of the animals can sense them and each one act differently (in this case, birds migrate) – trying to warn us. For example, horses won’t give birth if they sense a stormy season is on route – yeah, they avoid the situation! Isn’t that something to think about?
I say it’s time to use creatures who we believe to have five senses to be used for a better forecasting than using humans. After all, in today’s world, they seem to be better at love than most humans – something the world is badly in need right now.
P.S. If you see birds fleeing from an area out of place; RUN… Lol…
Hope you enjoyed this one! See you next week.
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