An exciting ride into the mystery of “Multiverse”

Hello my dear followers and readers, it’s been a while and I hope you are doing fine. I am Halley and I am here to explain…… 

Is that how I would sound in the alternative universe? God, I hope not! She is so boring!
Yes, I am talking about my existence from another alter-universe with a different characteristics. Scientists call it the parallel universe. There have been arguments, debates, articles, theories about the possibility of us living in one of the universe among others which is called – multiverse. Astrophysicists, cosmologists and bunch of science-people of “ists” have been trying to find evidence of its existence. Recently there was even an article published about clues or proof of a parallel universe.
Wow. Now that’s something! Lets see few facts and what theories are out there proving its possibility.
As many of few would already know (and for those who don’t), scientifically our universe is said to have come to existence through The Big Bang Theory – where an empty space was filled with an unknown energy that caused the universe to expand (grew like a bubble they called) over 13.7 billion years to the cosmos we know and live in today.
My Depiction of the Big Bang
There have been so many discoveries since the great minds started wondering about what’s up above the sky and further. Among them is the possibility of the multiple universe and us living in one of them.
To Note: Our universe’s geometrical representation leads us to Einstein’s general theory of relativity where he talks about how the space-time is curved and bent by mass and energy (this is for information to understand the next section – relax I am not going to bore you people!)
So here are the different scientific theories suggesting we live in a multiverse:
  1. Infinite Universe:
    1. Scientists are not sure of the shape of space and time. Whatever shape it may possess, it stretches out infinitely.
    2. So, the question here is: If space and time goes on forever, then it must start repeating at some point as there are only finite number of ways particles can be arranged. Then, that would mean, there is another “you” out there, doing the same thing what you are doing right now – an infinite versions you – may be doing things a little differently too at one point. Not making the same mistakes you made, choosing a different dress to wear, life choices.
    3. As said earlier, this universe that we know about is only 13.7 billion years old; this could mean, the space-time beyond that distance could have another universe of its own leading to the possibility of forming a multitude of universes next to each other.
  2. Bubble Universe:
    1. The expansion that created our universe did not stop there. There is a theory that suggests, that there might have been inflations constantly giving birth to different universe post big bang. This is known as the “Bubble Universe”.
    2. Thus suggesting that, our own universe has stopped inflating creating stars and galaxies, life births – is a small bubble in a sea of space where there are other areas which is still inflating that contains many other bubble like ours. (I know, science is that mysterious and cool!).
      My Depiction of the Bubble universe theory
  3. Parallel Universe:
    1. This theory suggests that our universe is one of the membrane that just hover above many other parallel universe. (Spooky? – Nahh, science 😉 )
    2. Brian Greene – one of my favorite physicist –  in one of his book, stated that “our universe is one of the potentially numerous “slabs” floating in the higher dimensional space much like a slice of bread within a grander cosmic loaf”  
  4. Daughter Universe:
    1. The mathematics of this theory suggests that, all possible outcomes of a situations do occur – in their own separate universes. For example: You might have reached until this point of my blog and could have decided to stop reading in the present universe. This leaves another possibility to continue reading further –  two outcomes – giving rise to two daughter universes.
    2. To again quote from Dr. Greene’s work – “And in each universe, there’s copy of you witnessing one or the other outcome, thinking – incorrectly – that your reality is the only reality.
  5. Mathematical Universe(I will just put this short and crisp, because detailed theory in here is too complicated and could get boring):
    1. M.I.T professor and cosmologist Max Tegmark explores the possibility that math does not just describe the universe but makes the universe itself.
    2. To simply put, structure of the mathematics change depending on which universe you reside.
Those are theories that has been explored on multiverse. Recently, an article was published with possible proof of parallel universe. Click here
To sum up that article: The radiation left behind the big bang is widely and equally spread with the same temperature. Scientists has proposed a theory that the “cold spot” which was discovered in 2004, could be the spot where two universes collided proving the existence of multiverse. To Note: this is just a theory that was proposed and not yet proved (No evidence found yet).
If they get to just prove its existence, that will be a dawn of a new era! I know science might be boring sometimes, but not knowing about stuff like these is like being illiterate(As Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson quoted).
Tweet of Neil deGrasse Tyson
So what do you think of today’s post? I know you must have lot of questions on this and if you are interested in Space and want to know more – leave a comment OR write to me about your questions(left side of the blog page), I will be happy to answer each one of them!
Halley 💕

Source:, BBC

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