Looking Back A Year In My Life

One year back, the life I had is completely different from what I have now; in a good way. I was responsible for this change and I am proud of it. This is how I knew:
Around January last year, I started writing daily journals at the end of each day hoping I would get past the crappy day, crappy life and start fresh when I wake up next day. The things I wrote in that journal only contained the bad things that happened to me or the things that made me sad that day by thinking of the bad thing that happened in the past. I was drowning in self pity; I hated myself for that but didn’t realize that’s what I was doing until later.
Today I re-read the stories I wrote and couldn’t help but feel revolted with myself for being that once. This doesn’t mean I don’t have the same problems that I had then, I still do;  I have just learned to pick myself up and  deal with it. How I did that is still a mystery and I’m trying to figure that out myself.
Things I have figured out up until now are:
  1. I had help; my friends were there to listen to the crap and shower me with advice.
  2. I kept telling myself, “You have only one life, make it worthwhile”
  3. Focus on myself, life and better it.
  4. I learnt in a hard way to endorse to take care of myself first by placing yourself first  even though it didn’t seem right(only after fighting for what seemed right at that time).
  5. I started to do new things which made me feel good. It helped me find my passion.
  6. Keep yourself busy by doing things that makes you happy.
  7. The most important part, it’s okay to be sad once in a while. You are human after all.
These are things that I have figured what helped me to be the person who I am right now. There might be and would be more, I’m still exploring.
Awful things happen in everyone’s life; the most important part is how long you are going to cry over it and knowing how long is too long before you start handling your mess heads on is the puzzle you need to win.

So this is what is in store for this week’s Friday Facts!

See you next time with a new topic and here is a clue: its gonna be about space!

Halley 😘

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