Are we Aliens on Earth?

Okay.. Like promised here is an interesting one.

We have all read articles about life on mars or life anywhere else in the universe, so many amazing stuffs… Among them, there is a recent theory that scientists are working on or trying to consider the possibility that life on Earth could have come from Mars!
Yes! We might be Martians!! Here are the reasons to believe that life may have originated on Mars:

  1. Mars looked like Earth before it came to what it is now  – “The Red Planet” 
  2. It used to have the right conditions (essentials) of life – Water and a possible atmosphere 
  3. There are lots of meteorites that has fallen from the red planet(during an asteroid collision in the solar system), if any one them had carried any micro organisms that could prove the same thing had happened billion years ago which means, it could have started life on earth. Astronomer and director of the multidisciplinary Columbia Astrobiology Centre at Columbia University, Caleb Scharf, told Business Insider: ‘We can find pieces of Mars here on Earth and we suspect that there are pieces of Earth on Mars.
  4. Crucial molecular components of living organisms: DNA, RNA and proteins. To form these genetic materials you would need something far more complex which ought to have existed on Earth billion years ago. RNA is one of them that thought to have been appear first. RNA needs to be coaxed into shape by “templating” atoms at the crystalline surfaces of minerals. This would have dissolved in the oceans in early Earth, but would have been more abundant on Mars according to Professor Benner, suggesting that life could have originated on the Red planet.

Let us wait until humans visit the red planet to have a solid proof about this theory, which will not be that long!

So.. what do you think? Could we be really from Mars? If so, that would make us Aliens! Wow.. that would be cool!
Sources: Sciencealert, TheSun,, Nationalgeographic, DailyStar, DailyMail, BBC news

The Red Planet

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