Pain only makes you stronger!

It might seem I am talking or picking topics which has more negative note, I promise my next post will be an interesting one. Bear with me…

Pain. Emotional pain. It is inevitable. I have seen, experienced so much, every ounce of it has made me who I am right now. Come on, who hasn’t gone through pain in their life and I guess pretty much everyone knows how to handle them. I am talking/writing to the ones who has to hear it (includes the ones who gives you pain as well as the ones who think their life is over because they are in pain). When pain hits you it might seem everything in the world sucks, everything and everyone is against you, you might even want to physically stop the pain; you might feel like you are the most weak and vulnerable person in the whole world. Trust me, its okay to feel that pain. I mean, pain is what makes you human, doesn’t it? It means, you are alive and human! And I bet the world could use some humanity right now. So let yourself feel the pain, live it, go through it and I promise you the other side of the tunnel will be an award.

Cheers 🙂

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