Life Lesson

People change” is a load of crap (apologies for using such words – present/future). It’s true, you know. People never change. I’m talking about the ones where you expect and think “Haa, that must have made them realize they were wrong and they won’t repeat it again” type scenarios. Trust me, it never happens. Because the things that you want and expect it to change or try to help them change, is always something to do with their character. It always is, even though you don’t realize. It’s been there since birth. It’s like a muscle memory, even if that person suffers amnesia, they are gonna have it in them anyway. So in such cases, it is better not to make them realize they are wrong or expect them to change. Instead, change yourself, change the way you think, change the expectation, save your energy, this way you aren’t the one who ends up getting hurt ; be it anyone on the other side; family, friend, the love of your life. Because, when it comes to “expecting people to change” it always takes a hell a lot from you more than you realize.


Good day to 🌎! and Good night to 🌏🌍

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