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As I  mentioned in my Astronomy Q&A intro, it is to happen twice in a month and the questions are picked from Quora by me.. One week about Astronomy and another week about Life Advises/Interesting Facts. Beginning of this month I did have an Astronomy Q&A and there is another set of Q&A.

So here it goes,

  1. What incident changed your personality?

There’s never one incident that could change a person’s personality. It is always one fall after another until you wake you one day and realize that you cannot go through this anymore and decide to make a change in your life. This realization has no timelines, you have to let your mind and soul heal until it starts thinking right.

     2. What according to you is the highest form of self control?

The highest form of self control, according to me or for an independent woman is, when you come across a store that’s on sale and pass by it without entering because you know you need to save money for the future.

    3. What 10 things should I do every day to become smarter?

This is my favorite one. (1) Organize your week or at least your day and try to stick to the schedule. (2) Move your body. I mean, exercise. Any kind. (3) Work your brain. Play puzzles. (4) Try to concentrate on one task and finish it without interruptions. (5) Read something new and interesting. (6) Write down something you can’t say out loud – this helps you relax which is important in closing up on smart-ville. (7) Talk to your friends and family. (8) Catch up daily news not only politics but on any news that might impact your life. This way you plan ahead. (9) Try to leave your work at work and have time for your own self. (10) Last but not the least, eat healthy. Good food is necessary for a good brain.

    4. What are some things in your life that gives you happiness?

Each and every person’s reason for happiness differs. But I hope mine helps some of you out there. There are lot of things that brings happiness to me and many may sound silly. But hey, that’s just me. So here it is, taking a walk in silence and solitude, reading books, reading something weird, reading through history, watching my favourite TV series or movie again, going to the movies alone (Oh I love this one!) and the best of all – talking to my friends.

    5. What are some mind-blowing facts about psychology?

I am going to give some mind blowing facts that are really interesting.

  • We are all going to love this one – it seems convincing yourself you slept well tricks your brain into thinking that it did! – I am definitely going to try that!
  • This also applies to “what makes you happy” – Study has proven that being with positive and happy people makes you happier as well. I can vouch for that, me being one of the happy people!
  • This is for those break hearts – people can literally die from a broken heart and that condition is called Stress Cardiomyopathy.
  • I was one among this – some of us are actually afraid to be happy because we think something bad might happen next – People, I tell you once you take this thought away, you have no idea how that happy feeling lasts!
  • Seventy percent of the dreams contain secret messages and they carry more weight and meaning than our conscious thought – Ready to become a psychic?
  • If you respond to anyone with sarcasm instantly, it means you have a healthy brain – Oh yes, Chandler has a healthy brain!

So, if you want me to answer any questions in future or anytime, you can contact me via Facebook, Twitter or write to me!



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