Alien life found on the International Space Station’s surface



Analyzing Earth’s microbes is part of many experiments and researches that takes place aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Russian Cosmonauts has come across living bacteria on the external surface of the ISS – a microgravity research laboratory that’s on the low-Earth orbit.    

Aston Shkaplerov, who is scheduled to return to Earth next month says, a cotton swab’s analysis of the microbe definitely revealed to be unidentified life form and has been already sent to Earth for scientific analysis.

These microbes which weren’t first present during the launch of the space station is said to have come from outer space and settled along the surface. After preliminary analysis, it’s been established that it doesn’t pose any threat so far. Details of the experiment and the current status on the ground hasn’t been revealed yet.

Although this isn’t the first time our Russian Cosmonauts have claimed to have found microbial life on the ISS’s external surface. Past discoveries were analyzed and concluded to be of Earth’s origin – hitchhikers of the ISS from the ionosphere lift in which rising air currents has passed to upper layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if these microbes were carried by people, equipment or any tools while it was launched from Earth.

The questions that keeps lingering on such findings are, what these bacteria are; how did it get there in the first place; are they really from outer space?

Let’s be patient. After all, good things take time! 

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