Alien life found on the International Space Station’s surface

Alien life found on the International Space Station’s surface!


An Asteroid from Interstellar Space!

Did someone just respond to our voyager call? Check out what that is! #NASA #Alien #Space #OuterSpace #Interstellar #Oumuamua

Enceladus – possibility for life to evolve!

Enceladus, named after a Greek mythology giant, is the sixth largest moon of the planet Saturn known for its icy surface which makes it the most reflective bodies of the Solar System. It's not just the icy and the reflective surface that makes it eminent but the hydrothermal vents spewing water vapor and ice particles... Continue Reading →

Have we been visited by Aliens already?

    We all have wondered at least once in our lifetime, whether we have been visited by green little people - but never have actually have had evidence around it. So let me sum up certain theories that has been around. That will give you something to think about.   Going back to the... Continue Reading →

A message for the ETs beyond

Source     Voyager Disc - A proof that brilliant minds existed dated back to the 70s - Less technology, no immediate access to the internet, no effective communication methods needed to achieve what no man has achieved yet - Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 from the Carl Sagan era.   These two probes are... Continue Reading →

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