• Nature. Credits: @vkm's_photography

    Adieu 2018!

    Its time to step into another year with full of new goals and refreshing energy!

  • Random thoughts — Organize, prioritize, choose wise

    My whole life has been a roller coaster. Ups and Downs. Yes that’s how life is supposed to be, that’s how you learn, that’s how you grow, I get it. But how do you take control of the ride? You got to control because it can go a-wall if not. It has for me, a lot of times. I have taken control of it though, quite a lot as well. But I never know how to maintain it. Here is what happens to me, I am a good person. I know, you can’t stamp yourself, but hey I am gonna and I am telling you I am. It also doesn’t…

  • Earthworms bred in Mars soil simulant!

      Wieger Wamelink, Mars and Moon soil researcher may have just opened doors to grow crops on Martian soil when humans get there. Soil is necessary for agriculture and its one of the basic necessity for life as it provides food. It contains all nutrients by nature on Earth and earthworms only makes the soil healthier – they do break down and recycle dead organic matter. This is how we know the ecosystem works on Earth; however Mars’s soil is more sterile and contains toxic compounds. Wageningen University & Research has been researching and growing rucola on Mars soil simulant which they obtained by NASA. They added worms and manure…