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A plan is only as good as those who see it through.

What good is planning if you don’t actually end up implementing it? You keep putting it off for tomorrow, the day after , the day after that and so on. Oh wait, I think there’s a word for it, procrastination. 

Why do we do it? Does putting things off sometimes makes us a procrastinator or does that refer to putting it off more often? 

Well, putting things off once in a while is okay, it means your body just needs some “me” time to recharge and get back in the game. 

But doing it more often means there is something that needs attention. Its not being lazy, because usually lazy people don’t care that they are lazy. Unlike them, procrastinators wants to get things done, make a list, organize but just can’t seem to get through it. Although, nowadays procrastination has become a habit that people just give into (yeah, including myself, thank you Pandemic!). 

However, it is usually cause of a psychological issue. Its rooted from low self-confidence, anxiety, OCD, depression etc. Then there is rationalizing, giving reasons to justify that behavior. There are studies and researches that links procrastination to a person’s behavior, like:

  • Perfectionist: Putting it off till the end in fear of not being able to complete something perfectly. 
  • Dreamer: Putting it off because they don’t pay attention to details. 
  • Defier: Someone who does not believe in schedules. 
  • Worrier: Putting it off for the fear of unknown or change. Loves to stay in the comfort zone.
  • Crisis-maker: Ones who love working under pressure. 
  • Overdoer: Taking too much task on themselves and struggling with finding time to do everything. 

Procrastinating more often causes high stress levels on a person’s mental health if there isn’t one. 

So how can I overcome this:

  • First thing, do not be too hard on yourself.
  • Make a to-do list with a due date next to each one of them. 
  • Do not worry if you didn’t get through your to-do list, take baby steps. One at a time. 
  • If you see yourself procrastinating, try to force yourself into spending few mins on one task. It will get you into the flow. 
  • Eliminate distraction. Stay away from that constant ping on your phone aka social media. 
  • Give yourself some “self-five” from time to time. Reward yourself. A spa day, a do nothing day etc. 
  • Take a “me” day. Time to go on a date with yourself. 

And then again, sometimes I also end up doing this:

Go on now, you aren’t alone! Drop in your comments and thoughts if you wanna discuss about this! 

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