Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple – Here is this week’s Q&A!


As mentioned in my last month’s post, I am dedicating a week to answer random questions picked from Quora. So here is this month’s lot.

  1. If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do all over differently?

Oh yeah, I would be surprised if there isn’t a long list of “do-overs” that could have been done differently.  However, I don’t think I would do that even if I had the chance. Everything that I did, every decision,  every choice that I made in my life took me on one hell of a ride( and looking forward to more). Yes, that was a bumpy ride (I do not have words to explain THAT), but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because each one of those taught me wonderful lessons, some were extremely painful. But hey, if it wasn’t painful, would you have learnt that lesson?

    2. What are the most important warnings in life?

Hmmmm… Let me think.. I don’t know, but these could be warnings:

  1. Definite a warning sign, when for three days if you have just ate and slept – it means, get your life back on track! If it’s more than three, GET HELP!
  2. When your jeans that fit a month back doesn’t fit anymore. Uh oh.
  3. When you have to charge your phone more than once a day – you are using way too much of your time with technology! ( Or you might need a new battery. lol)
  4. Oh, when you do something totally crazy & stupid and you have a deja vu, it definitely is a warning! It means, you are repeating a mistake from your past. But you know what, from my personal experience, sometimes a second mistake may teach you a new lesson or it even might be the best thing that you ever did.

Seriously, I can’t think of anything more than this.

    3. What is something that needs to be said that nobody wants to hear? And 4.  How can one be happy?

My answer to the third question(What is something that needs to be said that nobody wants to hear) kind of synced with the fourth(How can one be happy), so I am putting them together.

No one wants to hear the truth or even give honest advises! Hey I know the truth hurts, but let’s try hearing it for once and face reality for a minute now anyway. Shall we ? Here it comes,

Take control.gif

Happy. Being Happy. Isn’t that what anyone wants in this world? Guess what? Happiness can be achieved  or obtained only if YOU decide. Yes, the path is that simple. Hey now, I said simple not easy; there is a difference.  It’s not easy to find happiness with all that life throws at you. But it is possible. How you ask? Stop whining over something where you never had a chance with. It’s okay to be sad about it but do not let it drive your life and overwhelm it. Now that is a disaster.


First, do not let your happiness be dependent on or in the hands of  someone else, it is just temporary. You know what? It will be too late when you actually realize it. So why wait until the last moment when you can start evaluating your life choices and try to follow  where your happiness truly lies and set things straight! Happiness can be from silly things but if that’s completely of your control, then that silly thing will mean something big. For me, even doing my chores, keeping my house clean or doing everything on my schedule as I planned gives me happiness. It means I have control over life my and I am not moping over the things that life took away from me or the things that did not go the way I wanted to.  (Believe me, I do whine but I don’t lose control over it. I find my courage and get up every time I slip and fall).

Want something.gif

Second, quit what others think about when you want to follow your heart’s true desire. People only talk about it because they are envious. Do you want to let those people stop you from reaching your purpose? After All, them pulling you down only means you are already ahead of them – you are closer to your goal than you think and you gotta keep going to achieve it. Once you drop that thought, when you start self-loving, self-respecting you will feel a pile of weight lifted off your shoulders. Trust me. I have been there. This might sound like I am asking you to be selfish; hey analyze it; you will see how different they are. I am not asking you to be a b****h. I am just asking you to first take care of yourself and then start giving love away. YOU matter!  

Next, people who I share my everyday life happenings with, the first question they always ask me is, “How do you find time?” To be honest, I go blank. I mean, what do I tell them? How do I answer them? How am I going to explain? Yes, I do a lot of different things and get to do things I love. Always. Then I started to see what I do different and here are the points that I was able to think:

  1. I always plan things and try 100% to perfect it. Only if you try 100%, you at least achieve 90 or even 80% of it.
  2. When I say I plan, I don’t do the same thing. I throw in all different things that I would love to do and “mix and mingle” it. This way, you can always wake up anticipating your day! (Like, I said it will be worth your anticipation if you stick to your plan).
  3. Try new things at least one day a week and make sure it’s on your day off. This would be like breathing fresh air after a tiring week.
  4. Oh speaking of fresh air, try to stay from electronic devices or technology and bring back the 90s. Nothing is refreshing as that.
  5. I try to be a perfectionist. Because, If you try, it will get to a place where you can be happy and satisfied with the outcome. (this has to be practiced without expectations. We all know what expectation does!)
  6. This is usual thing you get to hear. Try and be an optimist. (I literally exhaled when I wrote that, as if. right?). It is not easy, but start with small things. Try to take things easy and casual. It would help you ease your mind also it’s good for your heart! Lowers stress.
  7. And last one, EXERCISE. At Least three days a week. I am not talking about doing it for a week and expect results, but keep doing it and it will help you gradually.

Take a breathe.gif

Okay. My work for this week’s post is done. That was longer than I expected maybe that is because I was partially in the 90s giving a breathing space for my brain and eyes. Look what it did to me! See you later next month with some more advises and answers!


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