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Adieu 2018!

So here it comes… My last blog of 2018. 

2018… What can I say, every new year I always hope it will be better than the last and end of each year I feel….yes, it definitely has only been better and better. Sure I don’t feel this way in-between, I never feel this way in-between. 

But, there is something different with me about this year. A positive energy that kept me from going “all-dark” and I am so grateful for that. 
Let’s call it, my guardian angel – the light. This light taught me so many things. It taught me, if you are going through a bad path, that’s because you choose that path. I am not talking about unavoidable situations but the situations that you could have controlled and chose not to. Just because… you know? 

This is exactly and is easy as it sounds. That’s what drove me through another year and I did not feel heavy at all. Jealous? Yeah, you should be… That will drive you to give this one a try. 

Whenever you feel like being sad or angry or any emotion that will drain you out, ask yourself, do I HAVE to be sad? do I HAVE to be angry? do I really HAVE to go through this? Is it that worth? or Could I just try something different and have a happy ending? You answer that question, you are golden! 

By now, we all have realized that life is not going to go the way you wanted it to. It will definitely throw you a huge curve ball right around the corner. But know this. It is upto you to kick that curve ball and throw a new one… Or let that ball hit you hard. 

Choices. That’s what makes your life brilliant and wonderful. You live in this free, loving universe and it has given you this amazing gift of freedom. With that, you drive your life the way YOU want it to be. 

Life didn’t make it hard for you. You did. Remember that and take over. Go kick it in the ass! 

With that, I am gonna end this pep talk of mine here. 

LifeSpaceandTheLot wishes a very Happy New Year ahead to you and your family! 

See you next year! 

P.S:  I might go under the radar (not so much) for atleast two months with important changes happening in my life! Wish me luck! See you soon! 


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