An Astronomical Analogy

An Astronomical Analogy


New discoveries – yet again! 72 new galaxies found.

Astronomers at the ESO (European Southern Observatory) have found 72 new galaxies hiding in the plain sight. This was observed by Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE), a second generation instrument in development for the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the ESO. The galaxies were observed on the area in space called “Hubble Ultra Deep Field”,... Continue Reading →

An Asteroid from Interstellar Space!

Did someone just respond to our voyager call?

Check out what that is!

#NASA #Alien #Space #OuterSpace #Interstellar #Oumuamua

Enceladus – possibility for life to evolve!

Enceladus, named after a Greek mythology giant, is the sixth largest moon of the planet Saturn known for its icy surface which makes it the most reflective bodies of the Solar System. It's not just the icy and the reflective surface that makes it eminent but the hydrothermal vents spewing water vapor and ice particles... Continue Reading →

Answers ready to be served! – Astronomy Q&A for the month.

As mentioned in my last month’s post, I am dedicating a week to answer questions picked from Quora about Astronomy. So here is this month’s batch. What would happen if a bullet was shot in outer space? Answer: Space does not have oxygen but that doesn't mean your gun won't fire. Modern gun has ammunition... Continue Reading →

Astronomy Q&A

So I was wondering what to different for my blog and it hit me. This one. I am going to pick 5 astronomy related questions from Quora and answer them! Serious ones and sometimes funny ones. (Maybe in the future I will take questions from the public and answer five out of them.) And it... Continue Reading →

We are made of stardust. But not just from this Galaxy!

Yes, we could be space travelers. A study proved that Humans are made of stardust. A theory, which used to go like this – Humans and the galaxies in the universe share 97% of atoms that is responsible and vital for life. Now, the theory is no longer just a theory - it has been... Continue Reading →

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