Remember, the important thing is not to stop questioning – Albert Einstein

I dedicate one week of every month’s to post about questions taken from Quora. Here goes this month’s bunch. Where exactly is our solar system located? If you examine our Milky Way graphical upper view, it sort of looks like an octopus’s top view but with spiral shaped arms. These arms illuminate interstellar dust and... Continue Reading →


Astronomy Q&A

So I was wondering what to different for my blog and it hit me. This one. I am going to pick 5 astronomy related questions from Quora and answer them! Serious ones and sometimes funny ones. (Maybe in the future I will take questions from the public and answer five out of them.) And it... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse is two days away – What you should know?

With Solar Eclipse being couple of days away, let's catch on up what it is, where is visible and how can others (where it's not visible) witness this event.   Going back to school for those who already know, Solar Eclipse is a celestial event occurs when a New Moon passes between the Sun and... Continue Reading →

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