Blind love

We all have heard this a lot in our lifetime — “Love is Blind

Oh yeah, may in the past it held a different meaning and possibly the right one.

But in this era, it just means you will beat yourself up and not care but just love.

Yes, it means you do not care if the other person does not love you the same way.

It means, even a tad of attention from the person you love means a world to you.

It means, losing self respect and bending yourself backwards for nothing.

Will it ever stop? Will you wake up from this living hell? May be yes or may be no.

But, I urge you to wake up from this if you want to breathe fresh air again; if you want to feel your feet on this Earth again.

I urge you — wake up!

Wake up, because there is more to life than spoiling your precious time for someone who is not worth.

Love is scarce right now in this world, so give it to someone who needs it and it will find its way back to you.

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