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I am writing this on a morning filled with super grumpiness and physically weak with a feeling that my day is gonna be bad. You text your bestie saying how your day started off and she warns you – “A bad day alert! BUT you can take control and change it if you want to!”. I took a deep breath and told myself out loud “You! You are getting through today!” And guess what? It worked! It was actually a great day filled with joy! 

Weird? No; that’s how your mind is supposed to work. I would call human mind as one of many weird things on the planet! Why? Continue reading and you will understand it. 
We all have heard of the term “subconscious mind”, haven’t we? So to understand what and how much we know about it, I went around asking the question to friends and colleagues: What is Subconscious mind? – the most repeated answer was this – “It’s where memories you thought you forgot are stored and comes to you when needed or an incident makes you remember”. Well… it’s true and although it’s just 3% of its purpose. Hence this post!
Do you know the things your subconscious mind could do or does everyday? What it’s capable of? Do you know it acts on its own way as if out of control? Here are the few of mysteries of the so-called subconscious mind:  (“It” in the following statements refer to “Subconscious mind”)

  1. It is the part that makes you human – the one that connects you to your soul.
  2. Its illogical, it’s like a newborn baby – believes in everything. It doesn’t know the difference between “right and wrong” or “real and fake” or  “past, present and future” –  that is why it hurts when you think of a painful past, feel happy with an imagined/expected future, disappointed when things doesn’t go as you expected.  
  3. 95 % of your actions are controlled by subconscious mind – even without you realizing.  
  4. It has power over you; it betrays you, it defends you, it helps you – as it is the source of your primal instincts.
  5. It knows everything that happens around you even while you are asleep; as its awake ALL the time.
  6. It can think and process things in a lightening speed – yes, everyone has a superhero Flash (comic) inside them 😉
  7. Hypnotherapy – it works. Doctors tap into your subconscious mind and make you remember the things that you have forgotten (via trauma) or even make you to reveal something that your conscious mind blocks. Yes, your secrets.
  8. It remembers patterns, repetitions; like locking your house everyday, getting used to driving, your signature etc
  9. Subconscious mind communicates to you in your dreams, it communicates in its own way you just have to interpret it.

Surprised? Yes, you should be; scared or worried? don’t be, you can make your subconscious mind listen to you; you can communicate with it and control it.

Here is how:

The following three things are scientifically proven ways to control your subconscious mind according to mindvalleyacademy blog.

  1. Precision affirmations:
    1. Your affirmations should always be positive. The sentences “I want to live happy and meaningful”, “I don’t want to live sad and alone” might seem different to you; but your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between “I want to” and “I don’t want to”. All it knows is “happy and meaningful”, “sad and alone”.
    2. You need to start thinking positive and be affirmative. Your mantra should be sentences starting with: “I am, I can and I will”.
    3. If you keep reminding to your subconscious mind that everything is “easy”. It will be easy.
  2. Visualization:
    1. This is the very easy part. Dream your success; imagine winning; think big. These are all path to visualize.
    2. Your subconscious doesn’t know you are just “dreaming” or “imagining” or “thinking”; it feels that it’s really happening and it cheers up.
    3. If you live and feel everything you want to achieve rather than hoping that one day you will succeed. Guess what? You will succeed; that’s the power of your subconscious mind.
  3. Meditation:
    1. This technique always comes up when there is a talk about “mind”.
    2. It gives you strength to face anything that comes in your way to take it with a smile.
    3. It gives inner peace and thus reflecting in your outcomes.
    4. It is the best and powerful way to de-stress your mind.
    5. This is the key, since your subconscious mind works too much and all the time, you need to meditate to keep in under control, peace and compartmentalize your thoughts.

Your mind is powerful tool; you can channel that power – all you have to do is train your subconscious mind. This is your chance, take control of your life. You have only one life; if you don’t live it by your way and in control then what’s worth living?

I hope this was helpful; your response should be “This post’s content is  interesting and helpful” – Affirmative thoughts! Now, go ahead and live a happy life! 🙂

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Until next week! Happy subconscious-mind controlling!


Halley 😊💕

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