I knew you were the one…

When I can talk to you without having to think of what I have to say next. When I can look worst and don’t have to be worried around you. When I can look at you, talk and laugh with you all day long and never get bored. When I can be a goofy around you.... Continue Reading →


Is it because of caffeine? Is it because of stress? Whatever it is, it’s not nice. Eyes burning, sleep around the corner, desperately wanna sleep but couldn’t. Part worried and part irritated as I need to wake up in few hours for my work shift. I squeeze my brain to write this, hoping to put me to... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend

My friend, I met you not by choice, when I was forced into a college I loathed. But I’m glad that happened; for I wouldn’t have met you if it didn’t. We formed a small circle of five and called it family; three years later, we departed. Each got married and started to part, not... Continue Reading →

Your thoughts!

Compartmentalize. Teach your brain what to do and what not to do; when to do and when not to do. It needs some “permutations and combinations” for it to work in the right way. It’s a really important exercise to make a change and achieve something in your life; something that you desire. Of course,... Continue Reading →

Discover yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” — Aristotle How do you think? How do you arrange your thoughts? How do you differentiate thoughts? How do you come up with ideas? How do you know it is right? How do you express? How do you construct your words? You Write. You write every bit of it... Continue Reading →


I sit here staring at the dark sky; I cannot stop but ponder about life. So many questions; Oh! Where shall I start? Then again, I have no answers for the lot. Nevertheless, I repeat to myself, “Live with no regrets”; For Life is short for too many questions; Heed or not, it’s just a suggestion. ****** Sometimes... Continue Reading →


If only they make sense Voices in my head trying to tell stories, make decisions, about what? No clue. Here it how that goes: One says do it, other says don’t. Which one to heed, I don’t know. For it’s not just one, but many. What do you do then? I wish I know. Voices... Continue Reading →


I miss your kisses Every time I see you, I become one of you. I feel you even before I realize you are here. And I could sit there, with you, watching you dance…. Forever...

Blind love

We all have heard this a lot in our lifetime — “Love is Blind” Oh yeah, may in the past it held a different meaning and possibly the right one. But in this era, it just means you will beat yourself up and not care but just love. Yes, it means you do not care if the... Continue Reading →

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