Its time for a little insight on InSight…

Beep... Beep.. Beep... The InSight has landed. InSight sent a "touchdown image" to NASA on November 26 2018 embarking the first landing of a spacecraft on Mars after six years (Of course, you are awesome too Curiosity) and for the eighth time in total. Launched on May 5th 2018, InSight traveled a distance of 458... Continue Reading →


Falcon Heavy – Up, up and away(and back) in few days. What should you know about this beautiful beast?

Falcon Heavy is by far the powerful rocket to have been manufactured. Thanks to SpaceX, it will liftoff on Feb 6 2018 from the launch pad 39A, located at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral  - the same one used by NASA’s Apollo moon missions making this one historical too. Although NASA is in-progress of... Continue Reading →

Warp drive – will it become a reality?

  Sound barrier was broken a long time ago. Ever since that law was broken, sci-fi geeks have been waiting to see more of “fantasy come true”. One of which is the warp drive from star trek. How far are we from that? Or how close are we? Let me not drag the answer, scientists... Continue Reading →

Astronomy Q&A

So I was wondering what to different for my blog and it hit me. This one. I am going to pick 5 astronomy related questions from Quora and answer them! Serious ones and sometimes funny ones. (Maybe in the future I will take questions from the public and answer five out of them.) And it... Continue Reading →

Cassini’s demise – You will be remembered!

Cassini is now burning its way through Saturn's atmosphere As most of you know, this Friday, September the 15th early morning Cassini spacecraft plunged itself to Saturn and ended its life.  The Saturn exploration that has been touring the planet for 13  years has come to an end - mixed feelings. It has given, sent,... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse is two days away – What you should know?

With Solar Eclipse being couple of days away, let's catch on up what it is, where is visible and how can others (where it's not visible) witness this event.   Going back to school for those who already know, Solar Eclipse is a celestial event occurs when a New Moon passes between the Sun and... Continue Reading →

The last ride – Adieu, Cassini!

Image Credit: NASA Goodbyes are hard… No matter whom or what you bid Goodbye to. And it's time to bid farewell to one of space science achievement - Cassini Spacecraft, which is on its course to doom.   I write this article as an thank you and a tribute. Get ready for a wonderful ride.... Continue Reading →

A message for the ETs beyond

Source     Voyager Disc - A proof that brilliant minds existed dated back to the 70s - Less technology, no immediate access to the internet, no effective communication methods needed to achieve what no man has achieved yet - Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 from the Carl Sagan era.   These two probes are... Continue Reading →

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