Jupiter and Saturn – Our Cosmic Heroes

Jupiter's and Saturn gravitational field may actually why our home planet is protected or even life began in the first place!

Enceladus – possibility for life to evolve!

Enceladus, named after a Greek mythology giant, is the sixth largest moon of the planet Saturn known for its icy surface which makes it the most reflective bodies of the Solar System. It's not just the icy and the reflective surface that makes it eminent but the hydrothermal vents spewing water vapor and ice particles... Continue Reading →

Cassini’s demise – You will be remembered!

Cassini is now burning its way through Saturn's atmosphere As most of you know, this Friday, September the 15th early morning Cassini spacecraft plunged itself to Saturn and ended its life.  The Saturn exploration that has been touring the planet for 13  years has come to an end - mixed feelings. It has given, sent,... Continue Reading →

The last ride – Adieu, Cassini!

Image Credit: NASA Goodbyes are hard… No matter whom or what you bid Goodbye to. And it's time to bid farewell to one of space science achievement - Cassini Spacecraft, which is on its course to doom.   I write this article as an thank you and a tribute. Get ready for a wonderful ride.... Continue Reading →

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