• Drifting Into Space

    A really short story Drifting Into Space A dog’s journey through space! We now know how astronauts fly through space, their journey. But how would this dog would have felt, the first time it was sent as a testing subject to fly through the space.  Read it yourself! Download your copy now!  You will get a PDF (2MB) file

  • My First book

    There comes a moment when you are doing something constantly, you get innovative and sometimes creative. This is one of those moments of mine. I wrote a short story. A really small one. Check this story of a dog that narrates her journey to space. *Its on promotion, grab it before it goes off the shelf and let me know your thoughts!* Drifting into space: Through the mutt’s eye Drifting into space: Through the mutt’s eye eBook: Leda, Halley: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store  

  • Scientist invented a shrinking ray?

    Yeah you read the title right… It maybe not be exactly as it sounds but it sure is cool. Read ahead to find out. It wont be disappointing, i promise. People who read and gets fascinated about astronomy sure will feel the same about the famous “Large Hadron Collider“. For those who doesn’t, here is a brief: This science toy is the most famous and world’s largest particle accelerator built in a tunnel beneath the France-Switzerland border near Geneva. It is 27 kms in circumference and deep as 175 meters. This do-wikky-thing was solely built to investigate and research more about particle physics – a field in physics to study the…

  • Following its victory, Falcon Heavy to launch 25 satellites into Space

    Falcon Heavy is set to take off once again this June. People have been waiting to see Falcon Heavy roar up again ever since it shot Tesla’s roadster into orbit in the outer space. The next launch is sooner than you think. US Air Force has reserved SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy to launch two dozen satellites this June as part of the STP-2 ( Space Test Program) payload. These 25 satellites will consists of six weather research satellites – each weighing less than 500 pounds. They are part of Constellation Observing system for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate-2 or the COSMIC-2 program. Other satellites include, Air Force Research Laboratory’s Demonstration and Science…