• My First book

    There comes a moment when you are doing something constantly, you get innovative and sometimes creative. This is one of those moments of mine. I wrote a short story. A really small one. Check this story of a dog that narrates her journey to space. *Its on promotion, grab it before it goes off the shelf and let me know your thoughts!* Drifting into space: Through the mutt’s eye Drifting into space: Through the mutt’s eye eBook: Leda, Halley: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store  

  • Scientist invented a shrinking ray?

    Yeah you read the title right… It maybe not be exactly as it sounds but it sure is cool. Read ahead to find out. It wont be disappointing, i promise. People who read and gets fascinated about astronomy sure will feel the same about the famous “Large Hadron Collider“. For those who doesn’t, here is a brief: This science toy is the most famous and world’s largest particle accelerator built in a tunnel beneath the France-Switzerland border near Geneva. It isĀ 27 kms in circumference and deep as 175 meters. This do-wikky-thing was solely built to investigate and research more about particle physics – a field in physics to study the…