• The Moon

    Look at you, shining bright from the loaned out light, makes my mind wander…. If you can survive in the dark paradise all alone with light that falls upon you from millions of miles, I am happy to bear any tantrums that life throws upon me. You bring smile to my face every time — no matter what mood I am in. Its like you letting me steal your borrowed light so that I could shine. My love. My company. My forever. Originally published at https://medium.com/@HalleyL

  • Falcon Heavy – Up, up and away(and back) in few days. What should you know about this beautiful beast?

    Falcon Heavy is by far the powerful rocket to have been manufactured. Thanks to SpaceX, it will liftoff on Feb 6 2018 from the launch pad 39A, located at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral  – the same one used by NASA’s Apollo moon missions making this one historical too. Although NASA is in-progress of building a much heavier rocket called SLS (Space Launch System) which is expected to be completed only by 2020, SpaceX’s FH will still stand out due to less cost and reusable capability. What makes this so special? As already mentioned its of the powerful operational rocket to have ever built with less cost. It has…