• The Moon

    Look at you, shining bright from the loaned out light, makes my mind wander…. If you can survive in the dark paradise all alone with light that falls upon you from millions of miles, I am happy to bear any tantrums that life throws upon me. You bring smile to my face every time — no matter what mood I am in. Its like you letting me steal your borrowed light so that I could shine. My love. My company. My forever. Originally published at https://medium.com/@HalleyL

  • Moving On…

    I love you. That will never change. But if you don’t want to accept that you do too or you don’t, be honest and say it. Don’t linger. I don’t want to be your “sometimes” when I am worthy enough to be someone’s “forever”. You leave me hanging by a thread and I’m exhausted & scared. Scared that you will cut me off. So, if you want me in your life, prove it. Else walk away and never look back. And if you walk away, know this, I forgive you, because after all. . . I still love you. Originally published in Medium