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    Social Media – Cyber Security Awareness

    This may not be space related, but to all my space-peeps, this is an awareness post that everyone should need to know. Cybersecurity scam is a thing and its out there, its time we start reading about them – in a minimalistic way. Download my really short book with interesting things you didn’t know about social media before. Its free! Grab them now! …

  • Drifting Into Space

    A really short story Drifting Into Space A dog’s journey through space! We now know how astronauts fly through space, their journey. But how would this dog would have felt, the first time it was sent as a testing subject to fly through the space.  Read it yourself! Download your copy now!  You will get a PDF (2MB) file

  • My First book

    There comes a moment when you are doing something constantly, you get innovative and sometimes creative. This is one of those moments of mine. I wrote a short story. A really small one. Check this story of a dog that narrates her journey to space. *Its on promotion, grab it before it goes off the shelf and let me know your thoughts!* Drifting into space: Through the mutt’s eye Drifting into space: Through the mutt’s eye eBook: Leda, Halley: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store