“Books are uniquely portable magic” quoted one of the greatest writer – the horror story’s king himself, Stephen King. I can vouch for that. I love reading. Reading is one of my passion and I get lost into the book-imaginary-world while I read a book. I have no words to express that feeling – it is a whole new journey.

So this blog isn’t just about space, life and other interesting stuffs but also beautiful stories. I have a fair imaginary mind that I wanted to put to use, hence the story writing.

I named my book – The Tea Time Club. It is a book with collection of short stories for the ones who likes to read and finish a story while sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for a flight or even while having your evening Tea.

So far, there are two stories in there as of now, click on the link to read them!

Consumer Of Death

I sat down sighing to carry on with my everyday work when a voice startled behind me. “Mia, do you want to go on an adventure with me and a couple of my friends this weekend?” Monty asked, throwing his childish grin. That and his sneaking up, always wakes me up in the morning.

A New Beginning

This is a bad idea. I should have moved a bit far from the last place. However, I love this place, it’s right next to the beautiful hike trail with green filled forest on either sides. I am going to love this place and stay much longer than my last places was the last thought as I drifted into my sleep.




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