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I use medium to write snippets, poems about life, love and random thoughts. You can find links to each post from this page’s drop-down list. Here is the list of my other works.

Voices – Halley Leda – Medium

Voices in my head trying to tell stories, make decisions, about what? No clue. Here it how that goes: One says do it, other says don’t. Which one to heed, I don’t know. For it’s not just one, but many. What do you do then? I wish I know.

Word. – Thoughts And Ideas – Medium

I sit here staring at the dark sky; I cannot stop but ponder about life. “Word.” is published by Halley Leda in Thoughts And Ideas

Discover yourself – Halley Leda – Medium

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” - Aristotle How do you think? How do you arrange your thoughts? How do you differentiate thoughts? How do you come up with ideas? How do you know it is right? How do you express? How do you construct your words?

Your thoughts! – Thoughts And Ideas – Medium

Compartmentalize. Teach your brain what to do and what not to do; when to do and when not to do. It needs some “permutations and combinations” for it to work in the right way. It’s a really important exercise to make a change and achieve something in your life; something that you desire.

My Best Friend. – Halley Leda – Medium

My friend, I met you not by choice, when I was forced into a college I loathed. But I’m glad that happened; for I wouldn’t have met you if it didn’t. We formed a small circle of five and called it family; three years later, we departed.

A piece of advice from my life – Halley Leda – Medium

Yeah, you read that right. It is so true and each one of us needs to follow that. Although, to get that into practice is going to take quite some time; because, when I started doing this I became way…

Perspective – Halley Leda – Medium

Someone once said, “Forget your troubles for a moment and look at the sky”. “Perspective” is published by Halley Leda

Virtue. – Halley Leda – Medium

Three things that cannot be long hidden. “Virtue.” is published by Halley Leda

Insomnia – Halley Leda – Medium

Is it because of caffeine? Is it because of stress? Whatever it is, it’s not nice. Eyes burning, sleep around the corner, desperately wanna sleep but couldn’t. Part worried and part irritated as I need to wake up in few hours for my work shift.

I knew you were the one… – Halley Leda – Medium

When I can talk to you without having to think of what I have to say next. When I can look worst and don’t have to be worried around you. When I can look at you, talk and laugh with you all day long and never get bored.

The night sky. – Thoughts And Ideas – Medium

I like staring into the night sky. Alone. It gives me peace. Because, when I sit there and look into the sky, I don’t just see the sky. I see beyond that. I see our neighboring, distant planets. I see our neighboring galaxies. I see distant stars that are born and dying every second.

Love. – Halley Leda – Medium

She fell in love and may have gotten​ her heart broken again. But this time it was her fault. Not because she made all the wrong choices but because she met the love of her life - only way too late. She has been in love before, but not like this.

Love. Obsession. – Halley Leda – Medium

Two different things that most people don’t realize. If one doesn’t realize the difference between these two, that person is bound to get hurt until they wake up and face the truth. I feel sorry for those who doesn’t; inspite of having it explained for them. Love – A feeling of affection.




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