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How Will Earthlings React to Extraterrestrial Life Existence? – Digital Fox


How would we – the people of Earth – really react when astronomers uncover the mystery and the headlines read “Aliens among us” or “Life on Mars (or any other planet)?” We have all at one point wondered if aliens are living amongst us. More than that, some of us have even tried to convince …

Scientists Claim Alien Malware Attack Is New Threat to Mankind – Digital Fox


Two astrophysicists, Mike Hippke and John Learned from Germany’s Sonneberg Observatory and the University of Hawaii respectively, warn mankind that aliens could destroy life using a simple message infected with a virus. Sounds like a plot from a movie, right? Well, I thought so too.

An Exploration Rover Has Passed its 5000th Day On Mars – Digital Fox


NASA’s Mars mission with ‘Opportunity’ took off from Cape Canaveral in 2003 and made its ultimate landing on Jan 25 2004 – weeks after its twin Spirit just landed. Both rovers’ missions were to find water on the Red Planet. It succeeded – more than once.

Elon Musk’s Plan On Sending People To Mars


Elon Musk – the man who can bring a SciFi fantasy come true, at least that’s how I would like to picture him (I know many would agree with me); the CEO and the co-founder of SpaceX. He has great visions about the future one of which is colonizing …

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