Ideas during showers – How? : Friday Facts!

We all have ideas and have experienced the best of them in the weirdest places. The most weird and interesting place would be in the shower. Have any of you wondered why is that? Okay, maybe some but not everyone.

Let me walkthough you a scenario; you are at your work and you have a problem to solve. You have been staring at your screen for at least an hour and you got nothing and you are frustrated. So you decide to leave and go home take a shower and relax. You step into the shower and – Bam – you yell “Aha! That’s how it’s done!”

While you are trying to focus on a single task, your frontal cortex becomes active in your brain and is hyper focused! It’s good when you are working on powerful stuff, but bad when you are stuck in a problem. – Writers experience this problem often, it’s called writer’s block. Research shows that engaging in monotonous activities like fishing, exercising, showering does not involve much thought that puts your brain in an autopilot mode. Thus, your activity in your frontal lobe decreases paving way to giving you ideas and creative thinking!

One effective way to jump into creative thinking would be “Relax!”

But why showering is more effective than other monotonous activities is, during a shower you daydream, you are in solitude, it’s your own space so you relax, releasing a bunch of  “Happy toxin” called Dopamine and that’s what makes your brain tick.

There you go, that’s what happens behind the doors of ideas while showering! 

Until next week!

– Halley

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